Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sources of Political News

What source do you use to get political news? Are you sure you are reading or watching an unbiased version of events? Recent polls suggest that most journalists tend to be liberal and thus are more likely to vote Democrats than Republicans. Depending on the individual or the network they work for, their private opinions can sometimes affect the quality of the news they broadcast.
It is a journalist's job to bring the news to the public but it should be presented without being influenced by their personal opinion. They are obliged to tell the truth and remain independent from the event being covered. This is fine in theory but in practice how often are the news people or the publications or networks they represent impartial?
Some people believe that political news is always biased depending on the source of the information. For example certain individuals will only believe what they hear on Fox news and not CNN, while others prefer CNN. Some people believe that Fox leans to the right while others maintain it just provides the news in a format that suits their listeners. At the end of the day, it is a matter of education. You should try to obtain information from a variety of sources so that you can form your own educated opinion on current events. Political news will often be controversial. Good news never sold newspapers or increased ratings!
But the people reporting political news should let the facts prove the point. They shouldn't be tempted to stretch the truth particularly if the reason for doing so is to improve ratings. But this is a theoretical argument. In a society where the news stations with better ratings are more successful and thus earn more money, it is probably unrealistic to expect them to remain totally impartial to events happening in political waters.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A TV News Producer Education

As a TV news producers you would have the job of creating TV news stories, and having them presented by anchor people and news reporters. The position required a lot of organization, data and fact collecting and tight deadlines. If you are good at leading people in a media environment becoming a TV news producer could be the thing for you. Here's a guide on what it takes to get you started.
Go to college or university. A good education is one of the most important aspects of this career. You will not have much chance of being a TV news producer without a degree or diploma. Only the best qualified people get this position. It is a good idea to specialize in media, journalism or film production. Having experience in any of all of these fields will be well regarded as there is no set qualification for this particular job.
The correct skills. Primarily you are a journalist when you are a TV news producer. list. The job entails seeking out news stories of interest to the TV viewing public - the same as a journalist. However, a TV news producer must then work with a number of other people - writers, reporters and anchors - to get the story to TV. So you will need some technical know-how in production, and in understanding how television shows are brought together.
Work experience. Education only goes so far. The hands-on experience in the TV industry will benefit you most and will be what employers are looking for on your résumé. So the best way to start if at all possible is to get a job as an intern. As long as it will get you some experience working in TV production, accept pretty much any internship that is offered. The same goes for a lower paying job in a production company. Alternatively, get a job as a news writer or news reporter first. Needless to say you need to have quite a bit of experience working in TV production or journalism before you apply for TV news producer jobs.
Apply for TV news producer jobs. This is considered a senior position, so you must know that you won't be able to get this job right from school. When you feel confident that you can take on the roles and responsibilities of a television news producer, due to your previous experience, apply to any jobs that are out there. There may be a job at the station you work at, so keep your good reputation in people's minds around the office. This will help move you on your path as a TV news producer.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free Forex Education

You don't need to pay for forex education you can get all the information you need free but you need to know what to look for - some sources that many traders believe are good simply are not, let's look at how to find the best sources...
Before we begin there is nothing wrong with paying for forex education as you can cut your learning curve but always be careful to buy a currency trading course that offers you something unique and gives you a trading edge but first check out the free sources, so you know what to look for.
First here are sources that won't help you win
Forex Forums
Most traders dispensing so called wisdom in these are losers or vendors selling product. No serious forex trader I know hangs around a forum, avoid them.
Freebies Where You Have to Input Your email address
Most of these ask you for your email before giving you some secrets of trading but there mostly what you can get on the net and include such great wisdom as - "trade with a plan" or "cut your losses and run your profits" , pretty obvious really!. All they do is allow the vendor to try and sell you a product later on, so if you don't want a full inbox move on...
Many traders want to trade forex news - but really this is doomed to failure. You can't trade news events and all the broker bank and investment house fundamental insight you read wont help you trade, so never be tempted to trade news events.
Good Research
You can get some great sites via organic searches, they have a wealth of information and you can get a lot of free reports that can give you an insight into trading.
What you really want are some ideas on trading strategy and how to use indicators to build a simple forex trading system.
So search out the free chart services and descriptions of indicators and learn about support resistance, chart patterns and breakout trading.
You can then put together your system and as a newbie base it on this.
1. Support and resistance
2. Choose one or two momentum indicators to confirm breakouts or support and resistance holding
3. Learn about Bollinger Bands and standard deviation of price - Knowing how to deal with volatility is a key to trading success.
If you do the above, you will have a robust simple trading system. You then need to find some information on what it takes to make a great trader in terms of mindset and look up the story of "the turtles" by searching turtles trading strategy, or search our other articles on this site.
This is a great lesson for any newbie and explains how a group with no trading experience, learned to trade in just 14 days, then went on to become trading legends and make hundreds of millions of dollars.
If you search online you will find a lot of good information and it is enough to construct a simple robust forex trading system. In addition, because you are learning from the ground up, you will have confidence in what you are doing and therefore the key element of discipline to stay on course and lead you to currency trading success.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Forex Trading Education

News trading is a popular tactic that many Forex retail traders will try sometime in their trading careers. However, not many people are aware of what it takes to trade the news successfully.
What is news trading?
This involves the entering into trades just before, or immediately after the release of important economic news announcements. Traders 'trade the news' because market prices tend to move up on good news, and move down on bad news. Important announcements typically affect currency prices directly.
Why is news trading so popular?
The biggest reason for the popularity of news trading is the potential for large price movements in a very short period of time. Prices can move up to 100 pips (or more) in under a minute just after certain news is released.
The large profit potential is what lures most traders to take part in this form of trading. You can make a lot of money in a very short period of time.
But! News trading is dangerous
Indeed, with the large profit potential comes the possibility of a large loss. News trading is dangerous because if you're caught on the wrong side of a trade, you can lose money so quickly that you won't even have enough time to manually close your trades. Even stop loss orders are unreliable because of the high probability of slippage due to the sudden price surge.
Should you news trade?
Honesty, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they're absolutely sure about what they're doing. Successful news trading requires one to first have superior (faster) news feeds and second to have uncanny reaction speeds to quickly enter your trades the moment news is announced.
Any other form of news trading such as placing limit orders either above or below the market price is simply guessing. And if you're guessing, you won't survive very long in the market.
My advice for most retail traders would be to avoid this form of trading altogether.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Forex Education

Anyone can learn to trade forex and anyone can get the right education but the fact is most people fail at forex trading and 95% wipe themselves out. This is mainly due to believing myths and not having the right mindset. Here we will give you some tips on getting the right forex education to win.
First things first!
If you don't like risk, don't trade forex. You will here a lot about how you can cut risk and you can but it still remains highly speculative.
You also need to take responsibility for your actions - no one else is going to make you rich, success comes from within.
So ignore all the vendors who tell you they have secrets and can make you rich. Reputable ones can help you by teaching you the right tools but you need to apply them - the rest is then up to you.
The fact remains that most traders fail because they lack discipline, to apply their methods. The only way you will acquire discipline is - to have confidence in what you are doing and this comes from forex education and knowing how and why your system works.
Also, don't believe any of the myths below, there all guaranteed to make you lose and nearly every forex trader that loses, believes one or more of them.
- Day trading works
- Markets move to scientific theories
- You can predict in advance what will happen
- Complicated systems are best
- The more you trade the more you will make
- You can trade the news and win
- The more effort you put in the more profits you will make
All the above are dead wrong and will see you lose.
We don't have time to go through every point in detail here - but there all covered in our other articles - so banish the above thoughts from your forex education now!
The way to make money in forex trading is to work smart NOT Hard.
You don't get paid for effort and you don't get paid for how often you trade you get paid for being right.
Use a simple forex trading system. It will be easy to understand and apply and you will get confidence and discipline.
Make sure you don't predict prices - prediction is another word for hoping and guessing and that's not the way to make money in any venture and certainly not forex trading.
Act on confirmation of price momentum - if you know nothing about it learn it now.
To keep disciplined the best method is a simple method based upon forex charts.
Don't pay to much attention to news stories.
Sure, they sound convincing but their stories and the majority lose and news reflects the majority!
Working Smart To Win
If you want the perfect example of working smart and not hard then you should read the story of the turtles.
In 1983, trading legend Richard Dennis taught a group of people to trade - to prove that anyone could win at forex trading, with the right forex education.
None of the group he picked had ever traded before and they were from diverse backgrounds, of all ages and of both sexes.
In 14 days he taught them and then set them off to trade - the result?
They made him $100 million and many went on to become trading legends.
This shows you what the right forex education can do and while you may not become as rich as the turtles, it's a fact anyone has the potential to trade successfully.
Success Comes From Within
Trading is a deeply personal experience and you not only need the right skills you have to have the right mindset to apply them - if you don't, you have no method in the first place.
This is why most traders fail - they can't accept responsibility and they don't gain inner confidence. If you can , the potential from currency markets is mind boggling and the rewards can be life changing.
The real question is do you have the desire to succeed and will you learn forex trading the right way?